"In a time of universal deceit...
Telling the truth... Is a revolutionary act"
- - George Orwell



In the last four decades, the ownership of the media has shrunk to less than a dozen powerful families and four corporations. The news that is reported is meant to entertain us, program us to buy their products, agitate us into backing their wars, and their war protests. It is also used to make us WANT to embrace their new religions and a myriad of other things that are NOT good for the citizens of the world!

Global Mainstream Media (GMSM or simply MSM) is NOT meant to educate us or empower us!

The corporate owners of the media have an agenda, and that agenda is NOT good for the ordinary man and woman around the world.

It is time for individual men and women to take the reporting of news into their OWN hands.

We can no longer rely on corporate elitists to do anything that is in the best interests of ordinary people.

We the People have the Power!

In the last 40 years we have been dumbed down to think that Big Brother Government must take care of us. This is a lie. Your country was far better off when we took care of ourselves, our families and our neighbors. Big Brother has us so brainwashed that most people believe we cannot function without government doing everything for us.

AND... to make each and every citizen of each nation on earth believe this, the governments of the world control ALL the major media outlets. Goverment inspired propaganda includes films, music, magazines, newspapers, television programs... (as in "programming"... get it?). Programming and new world order propaganda can also be found in videos, video games, and many internet sites.

There is only one way we can overcome the gigantic propaganda machine that is brainwashing each and every one of us from the moment we are born. We MUST create independent, citizen produced films, music, music videos and most importantly, we must create Independent News brought to us by Citizen Reporters from all around the world.

  • We must organize.
  • We must inform.
  • We must finally admit to ourselves that NO ONE is going to do it for us.
  • If we want to know the truth...

    If we want to remake our world into one where peace and love are the main topics...

    If we want to raise our children with healthy food, breathing healthy air... in a world free of corporate wars...

    Then we have to make a stand, and that stand starts here.

    Are YOU ready to become a Citizen Reporter?

    First step on the road to Reporting the Truth is to sign up as a poster for CGI Media!! Your articles will appear in the right hand column of WCNN and also on Common Ground Independent Media

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    1930s - Wm. REVELLI conducts HOBART HS BAND, "PHAETON" by Saint-Saens (10 mins)
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    So, KRAUT is not the slanderous word for a "German" (Sauer-KRAUT) after all, but Hrvatskan ("CROAT") word for Croatian Warrior??!! Funny.
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    Another Surprise:...POTUS Trump TOLD Rod Rosenstein to announce Mueller’s indictment of 12 RUSSIANS before his meeting with Putin
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    Satire, or ...? Item in 'The Onion' today
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    Brennan Under Fire After His Fair-Haired Boy Peter Strzok Is Outed As CIA Agent From Iran
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    London, England -- Is This Present Series Of Shallow Earthquakes Natural, Or, Are The Good Guys Taking Out Underground Bases?
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    Natural Help for Ovarian Cancer
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    Natural Help for Osteoporosis
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    CGI's Sonar: Dear God; They Caught Them ALL! Putin Gives Trump 160 Terabytes of Communication Intercepts
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    CGI's Sonar: Paypal Joins Youtube and Facebook to Control Free Speech- Red Ice Radio
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    Relieve Symptoms And Allergic Reactions From MSG Poisoning With Easy Home Remedies
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    Effective Alternative Treatments For Lyme Disease And Tick Bites – Joint Pain And Inflammation
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    Bookmaker increases chances of Trump being impeached after Putin summit
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    1995 - CHANTICLEER, "O MAGNUM MYSTERIUM" by Tomas Luis de Victoria
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    2008 - BILL CHARLAP, "O MIO BABBINO CARO" (piano)
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    Craig Sawyer tweet: "Putin's plan to destroy the USA"
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    The lights go out at White House as Trump pledges loyalty to US intelligence, resulting in a creepy photo
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    NaturalNews: "Modern science proves that curcumin is the most effective way to prevent cancer"
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    Russia Liquidates US Treasury Holdings
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    GMI: "Another Reason NEVER To Eat Wheat"
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    Peter Strzok was born in Iran?
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    Dear God; They Caught Them ALL! Putin Gives Trump 160 Terabytes of Communication Intercepts;
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    Re: Paypal joins Youtube and Facebook to control free speech
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    Paypal joins Youtube and Facebook to control free speech
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    For The Record
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    Sorry, but Who gives a Sh*t what CNN says
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    Does CNN Manufacture Our Presidents
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    NEIL KEENAN UPDATE Gotcha: Big Pharma Exposed Ultimate Vaccine Fraud Expose
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    U.S. Health & Human Services NEVER Performed Vaccine Safety Testing ...
    sonar -- Sun, 5:21 p.m. EDT


    Then Again --- Trump sure had the Media in a tizzy last week or two
    Cathy -- Sat, 11:41 p.m. EDT


    Re: Q is an interesting number -- 17th letter of the alphbet
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    Re: Too Much Law
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    Re: Too Much Law
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    A Few Songs
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    Too Much Law
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    What an Uncanny choice of Music
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    Many play golf --- you must keep your eye ....
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    CDC Is A Privately Owned Vaccine Company
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    #walkaway is a Gay Movement?!
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    Too Much Golf
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    Reader: Is U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas a Ga....
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    Trump Not Following Top-40 Protocol
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    Patmac, you have a response to your post..
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    Freedom...I Declare Now 'A Bad Word'
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    Breaking! The Trump-Kennedy-Kavanaugh Secret Deal
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    Media Disinformation, Propaganda, And The Lie Of A Free Press In America
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    Q for Quantum
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    Top Secret Footage. Commune LIving Quarters
    CHRIST -- Wed, 11:39 p.m. EDT


    Thanks Lynda
    sonar -- Wed, 3:36 p.m. EDT


    Thanks Sonar and Welcome to CGI!!
    Susoni -- Wed, 10:49 a.m. EDT


    6 min video the land of milk and honey or sorrow and tears welcome to pedoland
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    Soccer and Magic
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    Constitution and Soccer
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    SCOTUS...And They're Off
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    Luciano Radio: On The Air
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    Party-State Politics - 1 Minute Lesson
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    Happy 4th of July - really????
    AZLew -- Fri, 12:26 p.m. EDT


    Q/British Poisonings/Dummy/Ant Man And The Wasp
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    Independence Day From Banks: Proposed Legislation
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    In Response To: Reader: Echos Of Paul Revere - Remember THIS on July 4th (RumorMail) Too true. Like all of history, it'
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    Reader John: Independence Day of the Soul
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    Reader Mohammad: Although the idea of independence is great for the human spirit, the illusion is part of the package
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    Happy Scotus, Happy New Dems
    CHRIST -- Tue, 11:56 p.m. EDT


    Re: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!
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    Susoni -- Tue, 11:10 a.m. EDT


    Hitchhiking on Shadow Gov ... hates
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    How Patriots Get In Trouble With The Declaration Of Independence
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    Read them all but still not answering what I asked.. :-)
    Susoni -- Mon, 00:02 a.m. EDT


    Re: Hi BF.. How does that Bible verse show a Flat Earth?
    BoldFenianMan -- Sun, 7:39 p.m. EDT


    N. KEENAN UPDATE:ROBERT MUELLER III Chief Terrorist of America’s secret police once would've – been choice to Head FBI
    BoldFenianMan -- Sun, 7:32 p.m. EDT


    Hi BF.. How does that Bible verse show a Flat Earth?
    Susoni -- Sun, 7:30 p.m. EDT


    Re: "Suicide" Death By Hanging From a Doorknob—The Signature of Pedophilia-Related Assassinations
    BoldFenianMan -- Sun, 5:10 p.m. EDT


    "Suicide" Death By Hanging From a Doorknob—The Signature of Pedophilia-Related Assassinations
    BoldFenianMan -- Sun, 4:32 p.m. EDT


    Deathbed Hint from Dr. Werner von Braun on Flat Earth geocentrism?
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    More Great Prophecy Folks
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    A Backwards Prophecy, Already Happened
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    Hi C.. Where is the prophecy??
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    Latest Jonathan Cahn Prophecy
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    Multiculturalism, Diversity, And America's Descent Into Anarchy
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    Re: Public Reading of the Declaration of Independence
    AZLew -- Fri, 4:35 p.m. EDT


    Re: Lost Electrical power yesterday... Just getting back online..
    AZLew -- Fri, 12:47 p.m. EDT


    Public Reading of the Declaration of Independence
    AZLew -- Fri, 12:40 p.m. EDT


    Very Nice, E...
    Susoni -- Fri, 09:37 a.m. EDT


    Lost Electrical power yesterday... Just getting back online..
    Susoni -- Fri, 09:28 a.m. EDT


    Scientist Who Studied Safer Alternative To Traditional Vaccines Murdered In Front Of His Children
    Liam77 -- Fri, 05:30 a.m. EDT



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